No Free Pass — Call Out The Flakes

Happy Monday! Question for you:

Ever had someone promise to do something for you by a certain time, only to flake? We all have. Want it to stop?

Stop asking them again and again to do it, and instead, ask them WHY they didn’t do it. Don’t call them in, call them out.

Every time someone flakes on you and you ask them to do it again, you’re resetting the deadline, and giving them a free pass. But if you ask them WHY they haven’t done it yet, you’re forcing them to face their own misdeed. They had a deadline, a commitment on which they failed to deliver. Asking them why they failed to deliver on that commitment is usually much more useful than asking them again to do what they promised. At the very least, you might learn something about them that’s causing them to miss deadlines. But more than likely, they won’t flake on you again, because you didn’t just call them in, you called them out.

That’s my Monday tip. Enjoy the week!


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