The Top 2018 Investment Vehicles for your F$cks

More than money, more than stocks, bonds, or even Litecoin, the most valuable investment you’ll ever make in 2018 will be the investment of your f$cks. Where you choose to invest your f$cks, how you transfer them from one investment to another, and how you use diversify your f$ck holdings, will be some of the most important decisions you’ll make in 2018.

But where to invest your hard-earned f$cks? Well, like money or your savings, you want to invest your f$cks in opportunities that offer the highest level of return.

So with that, I offer you ten of the Top F$ck Yearly Exceptional Sectors.

In other words, Here are my top F$ck YES! for 2018.

Invest your f$cks in putting people together
In 2018, it’s imperative that you put a sector of your f$ck holdings into putting people together. The best way to do this is to listen to people when they talk. And by “listen,” I don’t mean “wait for them to stop talking so you can talk,” but rather, truly listen. When I meet someone on an airplane, unless they fake their own death, I’m going to know everything about them by the time they land. This lets me figure out how I can help them, by hearing about what they do and what they might need. Then I can simply put them together with someone else in my Rolodex. Boom I’m the connector.

Invest your f$cks in Elimination of Choice
If the past ten years have given us anything, it’s the ability to have more, get more, live with more, and choose more. The problem is, to quote from Fight Club, “what we own, ends up owning us.” Invest some of your hard-earned f$cks in the elimination of choice. I have my uniform T-shirt and jeans when I’m not speaking or on TV, button-down shirt, jacket, and jeans when I am. I wake up, I look in the closet, and two seconds later, I’m dressed. Not having to think about it lets me focus on decisions that actually matter in my life.

Invest some f$cks in learning something completely unrelated to what you currently know
The best thing you can do to grow your world is to learn about something completely out of your comfort zone. It could be skydiving. It could be knitting. It could be meditation. Doesn’t matter what it is — As long as it’s interesting to you, and as long as it allows you to learn new things, it’s worth it. Find one new and different thing in 2018, and put some f$cks into it. Future finds: There are no more rules.

Invest some f$cks in 6 November, 2018
A lot of people are feeling very stifled lately, like there’s nothing they can do to make change. Well, here’s your answer: Get involved in local politics to whatever extent you’re comfortable. 2018 is going to see some historic movements taking place — why not get involved? Campaign. Volunteer. Use your skills to help advance whatever agenda and platform you believe to be the best. There’s nothing like the return on your f$cks you get from getting involved and helping to make a difference!

Invest some f$cks in an animal shelter
Nothing makes you feel better, or takes you out of your problems for a little while more than hanging out with an animal. Don’t have one? That’s ok! Tons of animal shelters around the country would LOVE the help from you. You can volunteer once a week, once a month, whatever works for your schedule. You’ll help feed the animals, keep their cages clean, and yes, you’ll get to play with them, as well.

Definitely invest some of your f$cks in drinking more water
Whenever I feel hungry, or bummed out, or pissed off, the very first thing I do before trying anything else, is to drink a huge glass of water. Thirst is like a chameleon, in that it can camouflage itself as a myriad of other things, including hunger, anger, headaches, confusion, sadness, and frustration. Before you start figuring out why you’re suddenly “in a mood,” try drinking a large class of cold water. Wait ten minutes, and see what happens.

Best return on your f$cks ever: Invest in getting to sleep earlier
Everyone asks me how I manage to get up around 4am every day. The answer is simple — I’m asleep before 9pm each night. I’ve been living this lifestyle for over five years now. You know the number of times I’ve missed out on something important to my life or business because I was sleeping early? Zero. Try it. No joke. It’ll radically change your life. What you can do first thing in the morning before the rest of the world wakes up can’t even be measured, it’s so huge. Going to sleep earlier is one of the best tips you could possibly implement.

Invest some f$cks in replacing “ I have to” with “I get to”
“I get to take a cross-country flight for a meeting in LA and then get to come home tonight” sounds a lot better than “I have to take a cross country flight for a meeting in LA and then have to come home tonight.” Invest your f$cks in no longer thinking that everything out there is designed to negatively impact you. Here’s a tip: 99.999% of all things aren’t designed with you in mind at all. Stop complaining and start realizing how lucky you in fact are.

Listening 3x as much as you talk
Almost all of my success has be traced back to two specific things: Not being afraid to take a chance on something that everyone else has said is crazy, and listening at least three times as much as I talk. The reason my rolodex is so big? I listen to EVERYONE, and let them talk more than I do. The amount I learn, which I can then use to help everyone, could stun a team of Oxen in its tracks. Listen more than you talk.

Finally, if you do nothing else, invest your f$cks in the oxygen mask theory, which is this: You can’t help other people until you’re taking care of yourself. So take care of yourself. Eat healthy. Get enough sleep. Let yourself relax sometimes. Play. Live. If you’re not in you’re best place, how can you possibly help others get there?

It’s 2018. Invest your f$cks wisely.

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